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Crystals and Meditation

Crystals and meditation both have very powerful and unique healing characteristics, so to combine the two together magnifies what they can offer to you. It is my finding that they truly are meant to be teamed up with one another and can serve as a great natural healer for you mentally, spiritually, and physically. To truly activate a crystal’s healing properties, meditating with it is the most effective method to bring its capabilities to the forefront.

Build a relationship with your crystals, keep them around you. Wear them, place them nearby when you sleep, hold them, bring them to your office at work, let them ride with you in the car, give them a sea salt bath to show appreciation, put them outside to pick up mother nature’s elements, put them in the sun or under a full moon. They need to pick up your energy, vibrations, chakras, and aura.

When setting yourself up for a meditation, close your eyes and relax in a quiet peaceful space. Hold your crystal in your hand and squeeze to apply pressure to it. This allows the crystal to get turned on just like flipping on a light switch and gets the crystal into gear with it illuminated. As you get deeper into your meditation and your five senses get turned down low, this allows the crystal to act as an antenna to receive your thought waves with no interference. There is an exchange of information that can happen between your soul and the crystal. Thought waves are energy and become extremely strong during a properly executed meditation. Waves of energy from the brain trigger the crystal into activity which in return stimulates the sleeping psychic centers to awaken and function. They say crystals can store information, knowledge and wisdom but let’s not forget or dare overlook that (you) also are loaded with an abundance of experience. A crystal will guide you, remind you and show you those memories of your traveled path. There is nothing more satisfying than to access your memories from past lives or from back home. Intertwining crystals and meditation together is the best way for us get in sync with our true core of who we truly are. What a gift that Mother Earth has given us with these crystals that sprout from her soil intended specially to enlighten our soul so peacefully and naturally.

Crossing Over

One week ago today my Grandma who was 92 years old crossed over. She was the last grandparent that I had and now she is back home in the spirit world. She passed just like she would have preferred, in her own home, in her own bedroom. Her home was her pride and joy, it was everything to her, so it was perfectly right for her to cross over in the space that she was so happy in. My Grandma was the backbone of the family, it was her house that we would spend most holidays at and it was her who always put together those holiday family meals with her Italian touch. That wonderful Italian cooking never got old, the pasta, lasagna, spaghetti and clams or sausage ‘n’ bell peppers.

About a week before she passed my Mom suggested that I should play some singing bowls for my Grandma, to possibly put her at ease and take away some pain temporarily, because my Mom sensed that Grandma didn’t have much longer to live. She was holding back in the last month, fighting to live because of her fear of dying. Her body was old and broken down, it had 92 years of mileage and by this time she had aches, cramps, irritation, and strain. I thought to myself, yes of course, what a great idea this is something I have to do and it will be my chance to show her my love and gratitude in the best way I can.

I came over to her house with 7 of my bowls, she had no idea what they were, what they sounded like, or what they are used for. She laid in her bed, I told her to close her eyes and relax. My intentions were focused, to get her in a calming state of relaxation and bliss. The bowls love it when they are played with a purpose, it’s as if they are angels just waiting for your direction – and only know one frequency and that is to help and heal. I played the bowls for about 25-30 minutes using some of my techniques that I feel are effective.

I looked at her as I played and could tell she was definitely at ease but at the same time a look on her face as if she’s thinking “what the heck is going on”, as she went back and forth between closing and opening her eyes every few minutes or so. When I stopped playing the bowls I asked her “so how did that feel”?

She looked happy, free of discomfort or pain but yet a somewhat baffled look on her face. We hugged, she thanked me and not a few minutes later she fell asleep in her bed. This is my last memory of her, this was our last time together and I think for both of us it was an amazing moment to share together especially since it would be our last. After I left that evening, my Mom asked her what she thought and how she felt. My Grandma was a bit taken back about how the sounds of the bowls can work such wonders, she described something that will always stick with me, she said she felt her pain “float away”.

For me this a bit of a breakthrough, the majority of my experience so far has been to heal the emotional pain one might carry, but I’ve yet to really open the door on the possibilities of when the body is in physical type pain. In my work, I believe if you heal and tune the soul first and foremost, the body will follow suit and release any sort pain or sickness. I can and will prove this to the world, I just need time.

The clients I’ve had so far haven’t necessarily been in physical pain at the time. I focus on past, present, and future – your life timeline, the chakras, meditation, the other-side and much more to illuminate your soul naturally. It’s an approach that I’m crafting and always looking to refine and make better as I go along, but to take on a person who is in direct discomfort or injured, as I do a session is an an area that I would gladly take on.

This is why what my Grandma experienced will always be sort of a seed for me, a foundation for me to look back on as a starting point and a story I will tell for years to come. Whether it’s pain, cancer, Alzheimer’s, autism, or anything else I know the possibilities are infinite when using sound as a natural remedy. We did this before, in ancient times and we can do it again in the present to make any ailment or illness “float away”.

Branching Out

This past weekend I attended the Sebastopol Health & Wellness fair in conjunction with their weekly Farmer’s Market, held in the downtown square area. These tandem events happen only once or twice a year so it was exciting for me to showcase sound healing for people who were interested. I brought seven of my singing bowls and a handful of eye-catching crystals. I was doing this at no charge – it’s more important for me to spread the word and promote what I do so I wanted to get as many people as possible in my booth and get them to walk away with a memorable experience. I enjoy giving people an exchange of energy rather than money in situations like this.


The next event I’m going to with a booth setup is the Sonoma County Yoga Festival at Somo Village in Rohnert Park, on July 8th and 9th. I will be there to represent Songbird Healing Center and Singing Bowl Healing. Songbird will have a couple of other healers joining me in the booth so this should be a great exhibition for us. Put this yoga event on your calendars and come check it out if you have time that weekend. It looks like it’s going to be a great festival for Sonoma County and the local community.

I also wanted to put out there that if your business, facility, spa/resort, festival, etc. has any events coming up and you would like me to do a showcase or demo of some type, email me or give me a call.

Hands of Gold

Songbird Community Healing Center in downtown Cotati hosts “Hands of Gold” on the 2nd and 4th Tuesdays of every month. I’m now a practitioner for Songbird and will be involved with these events along with other events throughout the year. If you can’t make a session at my office in Santa Rosa then this is a great alternative to get a feel of how sound healing works.

There are also a nice variety of other healers there too, so for a very small donation you can come in and get healings, advice, or readings done by some outstanding practitioners who are eager to help you out in any way possible. The “Hands of Gold” sessions start at 7:30 PM and you can check out their website for more info on this and other events that are going on there daily. It’s fun, relaxing and a pleasant way to spend an evening.

Visit Songbird Community Healing Center online.

The True Nature of Healing

I recently came across an article in my research travels on the internet that really struck home to me and gave me an abundance of reassurance of what I’m trying to do here with these methods of healing and ways of thinking. A long time ago in ancient Egypt and even before that in Atlantis, it seems we had such a better understanding of the soul, the body, the mind, and what true spirituality means. In this day and age we are deceived by man-made medicine, material belongings, false diets and so forth. It’s about healing the soul, healing the inner and the outer will illuminate it like a star. I outline to anybody I work with at Singing Bowl Healing, it’s all about the right food, exercise, hobbies, sound, meditation, water, animals, children, giving, crystals, this is the real medicine with no daunting side effects. Let’s get a steady flow of these gifts involved in your daily life. Even if you have a job you hate to go to everyday, getting the real natural medicine in your body and part of your routine, you will be living with your head up and energized in ways that will give you such a sense of ease and peace of mind, because your inner and outer are paired up like a team and working in sync like a well-tuned machine. So that job you hate to go to will eventually dissolve and the universe will work for you giving you treasures in ways you’ve always hoped for because you are living right. This article is courtesy of, take a couple minutes to read it, enjoy.

The Egyptians understood the need of a proper diet in order to keep the body healthy. Only the most natural and healthiest of foods would be consumed, along with exercises for our whole being (like Qi Gong or Yoga). Muata Ashby calls this the food for the body, but like any dieter knows, just changing foods will do little for their overall condition. The Egyptians also understood of the need of food for the mind (proper thoughts and reading) and food for the soul (stilling the mind completely). From these three avenues only could true health arise.

The second nature of healing was never written down as the physical cures were. They understood that providing herbs, healing cuts, or mending broken bones was only the outer cure. There was a deeper reason these things were occurring. Just as today an outer illness is only a sign of an inner problem, the true healers of Egypt were able to see beyond the physical to address the spiritual cause. The Egyptians saw everything as related to the whole. Thus a part of the body that is sick is somehow related to the whole, not just that individual part. Some of this work including the saying of special magical words, that are thought of by Egyptologists as spells. They were less a magic spell, than a way of using the power of sound to create the proper vibration in the body to provide a shift of energy and begin healing. The songs of native shamans have a similar effect. They are not random words, but special words of healing power that heal simply because of the sounds spoken.

This type of healing was often referred to in the papyrus as destroying the demon that inhabited the body. Today such a notion seems the work of superstition and ignorance. However when one works with enlightened healing masters who still heal the ancient way, one understands the concept. The demons are not something that is created outside us; we create them. Can’t get a job, find a loving wife, always drinking, have a disease… It is because of a demon inside us. A demon that we created from our conscious mind. Thus to just change or heal an outer cause does nothing to halt our inner demon, and this is the nature of soul healing. Each of the inner demons we rid, the more we can use energy to reach our heart (true self).

Thus the true healer found what a person’s demon was, how it formed, then provide treatment to ease the physical symptoms. The physical healing helped to make the person stronger and full of energy. They would need this energy for the healer was also providing unseen healing that was helping to lessen the power of the demon, and at the same time pulling it out for the person to fight. They were like a boxing promoter, and gave us the gloves and the ring to defeat whatever inside ourselves was making us sick. This allowed the cause of our problems to be faced by us, and defeated by us. Thus true healing require cures for the physical and cures for the spiritual. The cure was for the whole person, not just a part of their being. Fully and properly healed, the person would now be free to use the energy that was previously used to manifest problems, to now manifest one’s dreams. Ancient texts, including the Hebrew Bible, tell of their characters living for hundreds of years. It is quite possible that using proper healing methods and providing proper ways of living for people, that living to 400 years old in the past was not an unheard of thing.

Happy New Year!

2017 is here and I want to wish everybody a very Happy New Year! Let this year be the best year of your life. The past is nothing but a memory now and by putting ourselves in a good space physically and emotionally, getting older with each year that passes becomes such a gift and treasure to take in. I love getting older, life gets so much better as we gain wisdom and the appreciation for living and our surroundings becomes more valuable to our hearts. I’ve been suggesting to people to write down your goals and what you want to accomplish this year on paper. Put the thoughts out there and release them so they don’t just stay bottled up in you. Keep that paper nearby and maybe read it every month and as a reminder to get everything you wish for in 2017. To me this simple exercise makes a big difference.

As far as what’s to come for Singing Bowl Healing this year, one thing that I want to do is have an open house for a weekend around March. This will allow people to come in and see the studio and get a taste of what all this great energy work is about. I will have food and drinks to serve and will be glad to answer all questions to explain and demonstrate what I do here at Singing Bowl Healing. I’m also in the process of getting T-shirts made, we are working on the design right now and will hopefully have the first batch ready in a month or so. I would also like to hook up with a farmer’s market so I can set a booth up for promotion this year and meet people face-to-face to tell them about sound healing. I definitely need to advertise more this year, but it has to be the right advertising to serve me and I think meeting people one-on-one is so much more beneficial than just placing an ad in a magazine. The studio space is still getting better as I add more flavor of decorations and it’s gradually getting to where I want it. I want people to have the wow factor when they step in and I think it’s about 80% there. The plan is to have it at 100% by March. Other than that I’m going to continue to keep pushing forward with the energy work here to get you feeling in the best shape of your life. Thank you for visiting the website and reading this. Any questions? Feel free to call or email.


Now that I have been open for a few months, I’m able to reflect a little bit on how the sessions are going so far. A few things have changed since the opening and since the launch of the website that I wanted to touch on. The time that the sessions are lasting are going longer than I anticipated. Like I said, there is no clock in the office, nor will I be checking the time to say well “time’s up” and just send you on your way when the session comes to an end. Time does not exist in the office. I give you my all, so what needs to get done or talked about will flow by feel and intuition. It seems to be a pattern of a couple hours a session, that’s the general ballpark figure, but could run a bit shorter or longer. The first time you come in tends to be the longest session. When you first come in I ask you a few questions to get your mind ignited and thoughts flowing. This creates communication and as the session goes on you’ll see this dialogue plays a role moving forward. This is energy work, I can’t have you just come in and lie down and I immediately start playing the bowls, that would be false and a deceiving representation of energy production and what this work is about. The amount of time just for the singing bowl part of the session goes at least an hour itself. It takes time for me to go through the steps of playing each bowl according to its corresponding chakra. Then when meditations are combined the time of course gets extended. Good news is that just gives you more time to lie down relax and refresh.

I also wanted to touch on how many sessions are needed or how many I would recommend. Ideally my intention is to have most people come in for three sessions. There’s a lot to do, a lot to talk about that makes it just about impossible to cover in one session. The chakra cleansing portion that I came up with I feel should be done twice. This is to assure you are cleansed, chakras are in tune and energy flow is working on all levels. Meditations in most cases also is a multiple sequence step. Placement of bowls and crystals is never the same, every session I change it up. I’m putting my heart into this, there’s so much that can be done and accomplished with this type of format there is no limit for your potential by taking the right steps naturally. Please call or email for any questions, thank you all again, hope to talk to you soon.

Stocking Up with Crystals

Over the past few weeks, I have purchased a wide variety of crystals and gemstones for the office. This really is the next phase for the sound healings, by integrating gemstones to the experience. I have a few good sized amethyst crystals surrounding the room for protection. They have been absorbing the sounds of the bowls as they’re enjoying their new home. Other gemstones like the clear quartz, obsidian, moonstone, sodalite and many more will be called upon to for their healing capabilities by color and their metaphysical qualities. The gemstones are being placed either inside the bowl or upon areas of the body. For example, the 4th chakra (heart) relates to the color green which calls for a stone like aventurine. I’m placing the stone either inside the bowl or on the body, both ways I feel really enhance the healing by mixing the sound and stones together. The heart chakra is a tone G/G#, so I have the corresponding singing bowl for that tone and aventurine stone working as a team in the heart area of the body. I feel like having them as a duo truly is the path for these healings and I will continue to work and practice to hone this exercise for people’s ultimate experience. Again, the theme will always be “natural”. We need to get back to becoming one with Mother Earth. Eat food from her soil, healing done through sound not man-made medicine, stones and crystals from the earth that have endless powers to tune your awareness and revive your body and spirit. This is the true way of life, observing our surroundings and being grateful for all these brilliant tools we have on this planet.

There are a couple gem faires coming to the North Bay in the next month or so and I will be visiting those with much anticipation to gather more crystals and gems!

Getting Started

The Singing Bowl Healing Studio is complete and ready to raise the frequency! I have a lot of people to thank who have wholeheartedly put forth their efforts to get this going from the ground up. I want to thank my parents for all the support they have giving me. To have this project is my dream, so thank you for everything you helped me with to make this idea come to life. I want to thank Rene Morales for the exceptional logo design and all the rest of the images that look sensational! A true friend for all the help through this process. Thank you to Elvira Morales for taking the time to design and build the A-Frame street signs and for giving me ideas on room design. The signs are incredible, thank you so much for your time and effort. Thanks to Zac Wheatcroft at Sunset Visual for the support, advice, and website design. I know there’s plenty more to come of those wise words. Thank you to Jodi for having me at Sky Hawk Village. I only thought about it after the fact, but to think that I walked in there after a days work in my construction clothes, with no website, business cards, or any other proof of my business talking about how I’m starting sound healing with singing bowls must have been a bit unusual, lol. Thank you for allowing me to have this at your shopping center which is the perfect place for me.

Lots of new crystals have been added to the room over the last week. More natural healing has been combined! I will talk more about this in the next blog.


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