A Few Words from Founder Jesse Stark

I can’t give you my whole life story, but I’ll be glad to tell you bits and pieces of who I am and what brought me here. As a songwriter and musical artist, sound has always been one of my greatest loves in life, and I’ve always been amazed at the power of music’s effect on us. Healing through sound is an amazing subject to me; along with the idea that the human body can be in or out of tune. Transitioning into sound healing and using it as a tool to move energy was a natural step for me.

This is music for the soul and by all means is not a mainstream method yet. The singing bowls I play produce tones and harmonic vibrations that ease pain, relieve stress, and make you feel vibrant. I use crystals and resonant vibrations to relax you, calm you, tune and charge your chakras and most importantly send you off to wonderful walkthrough meditations.

My goal is to ignite your energy emotionally and physically, change your outlook and perspective on life so you are able to look at it from a new sense of love and admiration. I’m here to find out what’s right with you, bring the best out of you, for you to carry everyday.

I want to share my affection for Mother Earth, my appreciation for how truly magnificent life is and how precious our time here is. Once our bodies are in tune, how beautiful life truly is becomes extraordinarily visible. A peaceful mind brings a loving heart and a heart filled with an illuminating light is a giving soul.

I had an incredible improvement in my mind-body-spirit and the connection and their interconnection after my sound healing. Areas that were numb started to recover energy and parts of the brain and body connected that hadn't been. I'm excited about the limitless nonjudgmental potential of this and how much it can help people.



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